Upcoming Screenings

March 19th – 9pm – im Cinema, Warendorfer Str. 45, Munster, Germany

March 21st – 8pm -The Englert Theatre, Iosa City, IA (The band plays at the theatre the following week on the 28th.)

To book the film please contact: info@strangepowersfilm.com

205 Responses to “Upcoming Screenings”

  1. Marisa Caruso Says:

    There must be a showing in New York! When and where will that be?

  2. Hi Marisa,
    We are going to be screening in New York. Get on our sign-up sheet on the main webpage (www.strangepowersfilm.com) and we’ll keep you updated. There should be a sneak preview in Brooklyn in May and then a theatrical run at an indie cinema. We’re working on it now.

  3. Any idea if any of the SXSW showings are available to those without a film badge?

  4. Russ C Says:

    Will there be a screening in Georgia or around the southeast anytime soon,Thanks.

  5. Clara Says:

    Might you be able to screen the movie here??! 🙂


  6. Any chance of a Boston show?

    – Carissa

  7. Mike Says:

    The Dryden in Rochester, NY would probably be a good place to show the film…

    • Jen Says:

      I would like to second having a screening at the Dryden in Rochester – or (since I live in Buffalo) at the Squeaky Wheel or the Riviera Theatre. I really, really would love to see this film.

  8. Oliver Says:

    will it show in France or England?

    • We have several possible film fests in major British cities. They haven’t announced yet, but sign up to the newsletter (be sure and indicate that you want French and UK screening info) and we’ll keep you posted.

  9. Alex Says:

    Hi there, when oh when can we get our stick pawson this movie? I’m oh so very excited…

  10. Alex Says:

    Hmm… that should have been ‘sticky paws’. Silly me.

  11. memo Says:

    will this ever screen in the UK? dying to see it!

  12. Joey Says:

    And me, UK screening would be just great

  13. Nick LaFleur Says:

    I think a Philadelphia showing would be appropriate for those of us in PA.


  14. Brad Says:

    How about Chicago, can we see it too???

  15. Bako Says:

    Any plans to bring the film to Seattle? And if not, any idea when it will be available for sale on DVD? I can’t wait to see it!

  16. It will be showing in London in October. You can see in Dublin or Lisbon before that if you’re willing to travel!

  17. DAN ULAKY Says:

    chicago showing

  18. C Says:

    How about Denver or Boulder, Colorado?

  19. Chelsea Says:

    Will there be a screening in Atlanta?

  20. Jess Says:

    Yes, please, we need a showing in Chicago, or anywhere drivable from Chicago — Milwaukee? Madison?

  21. Tess Gudia Says:

    Any chance you’ll be coming to Madison? And when will the DVD be available for purchasing? I’m very excited this will be coming out soon!

  22. Sam Says:

    is this film coming to L.A.?

  23. K2Oly Says:

    oooh, i hope it will be shown in the pacific northwest of the u.s.

    olympia (between seattle and portland) would surely draw a big audience. info about our independent cinema is at http://www.olympiafilmsociety.org/

  24. Mary Says:

    Is London the only lucky English city to welcome the screening? Leeds hosts a film festival in November – it would be great to see it there 🙂

  25. Soledad Says:

    really hope you guys consider Nashville ..


  26. Ashley Says:

    Any plans for Chicago??

  27. melissa Says:

    anything in LA?

  28. GBW Says:

    What about Washington DC??? Please show to us too!

  29. james Says:

    Chicago …
    I would think the Gene Siskel Film Center would be a likely venue, or perhaps Lincoln Hall (formerly the 3 Penny Cinema).

  30. peter Says:

    Please bring this to Portland, Maine.

  31. Mr. Ben Says:

    When will there be a screening in Los Angeles?

  32. Alex A Says:

    A screening in Omaha or Lincoln would be really amazing, to be honest.

  33. Sam Says:

    Thought I posted this before, but I wanted to ask if this film was going to come to Los Angeles in the foreseeable future.

  34. k Says:

    Yes, Chicago please! (Soon?!?!)

  35. jinners Says:

    is there going to be a screening in Dallas?

  36. Deniz Says:

    Back to San Francisco!

  37. aida Says:

    los angeles screening???? how has this not happened yet?

  38. Mike Stovall Says:

    Will you be showing the film in Jacksonville, Florida? Perhaps at the San Marco Theaterhttp://sanmarcotheatre.com/ or 5 Points Theater: http://www.5pointstheatre.com/ ? I know there are a ton of fans here who would love to be able to see the film.

    Thank you.

  39. Sandy Says:

    Is there a date yet for the screening in London in October?

  40. Alissa Says:

    North Carolina please!!! At A/perture, you can get champagne and a cupcake parfait! http://www.aperturecinema.com/

  41. Will Says:

    What are the details for the London showing? Any more planned UK details yet? Thanks!

  42. Jambo Says:

    Definitely in Philly! I beg of you!

  43. Marquito Says:

    Come back to the third coast/second city!! Screen in Chicago, please!

  44. Michael Says:

    Any chance of you guys screening this in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas? Pretty please?

  45. Walter Says:

    Please Come to Birmingham!

    Check out our film festival:

  46. Nathan G Says:

    Naro Cinema in Norfolk, VA?

  47. mike c Says:

    i work at facets multimedia. i would love to set up a screening here in chicago at the facets cinémathèque.

  48. ozyb Says:

    and san diego? landmark theaters (the ken in particular) would toetally fur shure be a mf-friendly venue; http://www.landmarktheatres.com/market/SanDiego/SanDiego_frameset.htm

  49. Barbara Trinh Says:

    Strange Powers is playing at Outfest-LA’s Gay & Lesbian Film Fest.

    Please submit the film to Reeling 2010: The 29th Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival.

    We would it if Strange Powers came to Chicago.

  50. Hazel Says:

    Yes, bring it to the Olympia Film Society’s film festival in November. Apparently, a couple of Olympians appear in the film. Don’t make us wait for Netflix!

  51. Gilbo Says:

    Would it be crazy to ask if you could bring it down to Mexico City?

  52. Katie Says:

    I live in Fairbanks, Ak
    I know there will probably not be a screening here, but will it be out on DVD?

    • Hi,
      We should have the DVD out in Spring of 2011. Sign up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you posted on when it’s out. Or, go ahead and donate on the website and be the first to receive the DVD when it’s ready to ship.
      thanks for writing,

  53. D Says:

    Burlington, VT?

  54. vee Says:

    Pretty please, bring this to the Lyric Cinema Cafe in Fort Collins, Colorado! The owner, Ben, is a great chap, always on the lookout for great films.

  55. lori Says:

    i’d love to see it at my local repertory cinema http://www.bookshelf.ca in guelph ontario.

  56. Hi!
    I missed the San Francisco film festival screening (but did see the awesome 20,000 leagues show!) and I’m wondering if there will be more screening in the San Fran area. I also work at a cinema that often screens interesting documentaries like this, and I think it would do well. The Rialto Cinemas has a theatre in Berkeley called the Elmwood and another in El Cerrito called the Cerrito(also serving beer/wine and food). Contact me if your interested in doing a screening there!

  57. Linn Says:

    Will the film ever appear in Sweden?

  58. Hunter Says:

    Wow! Looking forward to this!
    Gotta hook up the Naro in Norfolk, Virginia, though…please!

  59. todd! Says:

    PLEASE show this at the naro in norfolk VA!

  60. glenn Says:

    will there be any more screenings in melbourne australia anytime soon? i know some people that missed the last one really want to see it, and i’d like to see it again. or will it get a dvd release at some point?

  61. Ira Says:

    Any chance of a showing in Athens Ohio? They’ve got a killer annual film festival!


  62. Matt Says:

    Please have a showing in Philadelphia or somewhere close by it. Not like Pittsburgh or anything, but like Phoenixeville or something. Somewhere close to Philadelphia.

  63. Elise Says:

    Hello there! I’m in Houston, TX and it would be so lovely if the film could screen at Landmark River Oaks Theater Angelika Theater. I could probably make it to Austin, TX too if need be. I’m so very excited about this film!

  64. Kevin Says:

    We’d love to see it down in Charleston, SC!

  65. Meg Says:

    Just a vote for a screening in the Washington, DC area – maybe at SilverDocs Festival?

  66. tony marksch Says:

    Tucson, Arizona
    The Loft


  67. Ned Hugar Says:

    Please show it at E Street Cinema in Washington DC!

  68. Jess Says:

    Oh, please show this film in Chicago!

  69. Sheryl Says:

    Please show the film in Minneapolis. There are many MF fans here!

  70. hugo Says:

    I second the San Diego nomination. The Ken Theater seems a good fit.

  71. Yam Says:

    Is there a chance this’ll be shown in Indianapolis? Because that would be swell.

  72. Kari Says:

    Albuquerque, please!

    Or Santa Fe!

    thank you 🙂

  73. Kevin Says:

    Please come to Cincinnati. I love Magnetic Fields. I have seen them in Columbus and Bloomington and I really would love to see the film. Stephin is so amazing.

  74. mark Says:

    Washington DC, and Baltimore, and Annapolis Maryland

  75. Kate Says:

    Can’t wait to see it in Brisbane!

  76. Eliot Says:

    Louisville, KY
    St. Louis, MO

  77. Mike Howard Says:

    so excited to see the screening in Philadelphia! getting the word out every second of every day

  78. Frank Says:


  79. Sarah Says:

    Chicago, Chicago! Whatup? We love the MFers here!

  80. Kikan Bartlau Says:

    Is there a possibility that we can see the film in South America? Specifically in Chile?
    Good luck with your projects,

  81. Kerthy Hearn ( Mom ) Says:

    Richmond, Virginia – Westhampton Theatre, Byrd Theater, or Bowtie Cinemas.

  82. Carissa Says:

    Bring it to Kansas City!! That would be amazing! The Tivoli would be a great venue. tivolikc.com.

    • Bob Says:

      I’ll second that! My toes tingle with the hope that the Tivoli here in Kansas City (or even the Tivoli in St. Louis) will be able to share Strange Powers with us soonish. Thank you.

  83. Dominic Says:


    I’d love to organise a screening for this in my home town of Brighton, England. Any way of making this happen?

  84. Sandy Says:

    Sorry if this gets submitted twice. Strange Powers is on at London Film Festival Friday 15 Oct 6.30pm at National Film Theatre, Saturday 16 Oct 6.45pm at the ICA. For details see http://www.bfi.org.uk/lff/films/world_cinema/1095.

  85. Elise Says:

    Please please bring this to Houston, TX! Are there any plans to show at other Austin venues?

  86. Erin Says:

    Plans for a screening in St. Louis? I sure hope so!

  87. JNDeFilippis Says:

    PLEASE tell me that this will be showing in Portland, Oregon!!!

  88. Benjamin Francis Says:

    So at The Roxie in November.

  89. Matt Says:

    If you’re looking for a theatre in PA, you could always try the faithful Colonial in Phoenixeville.

  90. A showing in Montreal would be THE BEST!

  91. Robert Says:

    Would you be interested in showing this moving in Omaha, Nebraska? We have an independent movie theatre and I’m dying to see this!

  92. Jordan Says:

    how about Cinema Du Parc here in Montreal?

  93. bob Says:

    can you bring it to ann arbor michigan please

  94. aurests Says:

    Portland, OR; Rose Theater? I would think Portland would be a must for the music and film.

  95. Anne Says:


  96. […] film will open in secondary cities throughout November and December. Head over to the film’s website to see if your city will be one of the lucky […]

  97. vicky Says:

    By that I mean the city. In Rhode Island.

  98. […] become a fan on Facebook, read an interview with Stephin Merritt and Gail O’Hara, and find a screening near […]

  99. Matt Says:

    St. Louis, St. Louis, St. Louis… *crosses fingers*

  100. Rachel Says:

    DC or Silver Spring would be excellent. E St or AFI as others have mentioned!

  101. Tessa Says:

    Please come to Charlotte, NC?

    The Manor or Park Terrace theatres would be great to try.

    The Manor:

    Park Terrace:

  102. patrick in chicago Says:

    Chicago? When?
    Patrick in Chicago

  103. peter Says:

    How about a showing at Cinema Paradiso
    fort lauderdale FL??
    the perfect place!!

  104. Ryan Says:

    Please come to Chicago!

  105. lauren Says:

    we need a date in kansas city desperately. please!

  106. Daniel Says:

    Please tell me it will play SOMEWHERE in Arizona? Anywhere in Arizona.

  107. Louise Says:

    Baltimore wants it! Any chance before December?

  108. Jim H. Says:

    Again, ATLANTA! Either Midtown or Tara. If you approach them, let people know; we’ll call or stop in at mgmt next time we go to a show.

  109. John Says:

    You need to screen it in Washington DC as well. The Shirlington Theater is what I’d suggest. Or one of the theaters in Georgetown.

  110. RAGE Says:

    Washington DC, you fucking assholes.

  111. Brian Says:

    Seconded to DC/Baltimore/Annapolis. That would be awesome.

  112. Any Japan screenings on the cards? Kyoto to Osaka?

  113. One more request for Montreal! Cinema du Parc would be fantastic, and the AMC Forum 22 always shows indie movies (they’ve got twenty-two screens).

  114. marianne Says:

    what do you think about istanbul?!

  115. Laura Says:

    Las Vegas? Pretty please?

  116. sue Says:

    will you be coming to chicago?

  117. mj Says:

    any plans for a screening in pittsburgh pa?

  118. Shannon Says:

    I see you’ll be showing Strange Powers in Portland, but are you considering showing it in Eugene, too? The Bijou Art Theater would be a great venue, and Portland’s too far!

  119. Steph Says:

    PLEAAASE bring it to victoria, bc!
    i’m dying to see this.

  120. Sean Says:

    Come to Miami please, lots of fans here! 🙂

  121. bard Says:

    I missed the screening in Sydney, will it be showing here again?? Please say yes… please.

  122. countrygeo Says:

    real art ways hartford

  123. sharky Says:

    please consider the Amherst Cinema Arts Center! (or, Pleasant Street Cinema in Northampton, MA – – they’re sister cinemas owned by the same non-profit). western MA awaits…

  124. jess Says:

    oh no. i’ve been out of town all weekend. will there be another showing in the dallas area in the future?

  125. Bill Says:

    And yet another heartfelt plea for a showing in the Washington DC (“It’s not the policy debates that last for hours/It’s just the town that ought to screen ‘Strange Powers'” – sorry) area.

  126. Hi Stephin!
    We are waiting for You in Paris! Please, don’t do this, French boycott was a wrong Bush’s idea.

  127. Helene B Says:

    Do you guys have plans to bring the movie to Ottawa, Ontario? might want to try with these guys: http://mayfairtheatre.ca/

  128. David Says:

    When will the film be released in the UK?

  129. Jeff Says:

    How in the world is this not showing in Minneapolis?!?

  130. vlad Says:

    A decade in the making…another decade to press the dvd. Release the thing already.

  131. Kevin D Says:

    Another vote for Atlanta.

    I think it would be awesome if there would be a showing during around the Pride Festival.

    Either way, we can’t wait for you it to get here!

  132. chelsea Says:

    You should try for the Plaza Theater in Atlanta
    The theater is a non profit and Atlanta’s oldest continuously operating cinema!!

  133. E Says:

    Washington DC, please!

  134. fiona flynn Says:

    Please let me know when you’re showing next in London – I’d be happy to try and help arrange a screening…


  135. Ryan Says:

    Not much love for the Midwest thus far. Kansas City showing? Please?

  136. katie Says:

    Nashville please! The Belcourt Theatre would be the perfect venue. Or screen it at Bonnaroo– either way, bring it to TN please!!

  137. kelly Says:

    Any chance for Toronto?

  138. T.J. Says:

    Are there going to be any screenings in London in the first half of 2011? Or did I miss them last year?

    Also, any word about when the DVD will be released in Europe?

  139. Ben Says:

    Is there any chance it might show in London soon?

  140. Malin Says:

    Do you need to have tickets for the NYC screening on May 12th?

  141. Mike Guisinger Says:

    There’s a great film festival in Western Michigan at the beginning of June. It’s called the Waterfront Film Festival and Strange Powers should be there!


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