The DVD is available for purchase now.

Strange Powers is also available in the U.S. iTunes store.

The film is now available digitally in the UK (iTunes, Lovefilm, Sony Playstation, and Coolroom (MUBI coming soon!)

To book the film, contact us at

The film has received some lovely press:

New York Review of Books article here about Stephin and Claudia’s book blog here.

Los Angeles Times review here.

NPR reviews the film here.

New York Times blurb here and review here.

Huffington Post blog from directors Gail O’Hara and Kerthy Fix here.

The Wall Street Journal!

Stephin and Gail in Time Out New York.

Kerthy Fix in the Village Voice.

Interview with Stephin in New York Magazine.

Slate reviews the film here.

Directors Kerthy and Gail in Indiewire.

Watch the Reno Dakota clip on Pitchfork here.

Sarah Silverman talks about her TMF discovery here.

KEXP’s BlogVariety (though we are not French), NPR’s Monitor Mix and IndieWire.

• Strange Powers won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary Feature at Outfest in Los Angeles!

13 Responses to “News”

  1. miguel Says:

    i love the magnetic fields….

  2. miguel Says:

    the magnetic fields has been in my heart for a very long time and no crack has happened to let it take A step out of it.
    i believe the magnetic fields are excellent and they have a pure imagination in their minds.
    they should keep on their good work and hopefully make more interviews in the big screen or in DVD’s.

  3. Gab Says:

    Plesee release the moive of Magnetic Fields in Puerto Rico, we even have tha arty film theater n Santurce !

  4. eileen Says:

    okay, Kerthy, Gail, et al, I finally wrote to seven DC theaters to beg and plead for a showing in our nation’s capital.

    fingers crossed…

  5. Todd David Schwartz Says:

    I am a regular contributor to the Go-LA section of the L.A. Weekly, and to the website I would like to receive a DVD of Strange Powers when one becomes available.

    Thank you,
    Todd David Schwartz
    c/o Parallax Management
    2505 West Sixth Street, Room 702
    Los Angeles, California 90057
    Cell: (323) 599-7609

  6. Genevieve Says:

    Hi Kerthy! Not sure if you remember me, but me and my friend Patrick drove up from Houston to catch the screening and Q/A in Austin. I’m so psyched it’s screening again and have been telling everyone I can about it.

    Any news on the US release date for the DVD? Saw that UK gets it in February.

    So happy for all that it’s gaining momentum!


  7. Monk Says:

    Hey Kerthy! Any chance of making it to the Wisconsin Film Festival or to Madison’s Sundance Cinema?? Can’t wait!

  8. Ichibanokaasan Says:

    YAY! I love Abigale and PAPPA WAS A RODEO

  9. martin Says:

    It seems that Transitmedia does not ship overseas. Will there be a European (German) release?

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